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Frequently Asked Questions



Raw Material

MegaRadiant's Collagen Peptides are produced from bovine hides from South America (Brazil). Predominantly grass-fed and pasture-raised.


Production Process

MegaRadiant's Collagen Peptides are made from "controlled" hydrolysis of the native collagen available in beef hides. Initially beef hides are washed and cleaned in order to prepare the "extraction" of the collagen chain. The cleaning process involves the use of alkaline and/or acid conditions in order to facilitate the cleavage of the collagen chains. 

Once the preparation stage is finalized, the hides are then literally "melted" in hot water at controlled temperatures to optimize the quality of product. 

In order to arrive at our final product, several other steps take place, including controlled hydrolysis to optimize the characteristics and quality of our Collagen Peptides. 

The final steps of the process include purification (different degrees of filtration), concentration (by evaporation), pasteurization, and drying. 

Each step of the process is controlled in order to optimize the quality of our products. This process insures PREMIUM QUALITY.